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Why Have Camp Fires?
Useful Info about camp-fires
Here Are the Songs!
Even More Songs
Links to More Campfire Songs
Campfire Sketches

These are links to some other campfire song website, most of which are far better than mine so go and have a look if you want to find some more songs to sing.
1st Stotfold Scout Group - excellent list of songs, although being as they copied and pasted my original song page into theirs I suppose I'm biased. Still, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say.
An American Website - loads of good stuff
Becky's Campfire Song Page - mainly Guide Songs
Sing Along with Me - loads of songs with music too.  
Scoutscan.com - Canadian scouting song pages
There are loads of camp fire song pages out there. Just type 'Scout campfire songs' into Google and hit search.  Good luck. 



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