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Why Have Camp Fires?

Why Have Camp Fires?
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Well, I'll tell you what I think 
(and you may or may not agree)


For Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!

- The man in the picture above said they are a good idea 
  and  who are we to argue with a genius

- They are part of Scouting tradition

- Taking part can boost the self confidence of the leader and

- As a group activity, they promote team spirit

How do I get started in Camp Fire Singing / Leading

Decide what your aim is. Is it to get your troop to enjoy singing a few songs, or is it to be able to lead a campfire for a large group?

For most people, the hardest step to take is the first one into the campfire circle where you are the centre of attention. So ease yourself in by perhaps helping someone else out with their campfire and just leading 1 song. If you find that you enjoy it, then do another.

Ask someone to come and teach your group a few songs so you can see how its done.

To help them over any initial embarrassment take your group to a big campfire event so they can see other Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Venture Scouts enjoying themselves and joining in.

Above all, don't worry about looking silly and have a good time.


Where do I find my material (songs, sketches, jokes old and new!)

- At campfires. Borrow other peoples. Imitation is a form of flattery

- Other leaders

- Books. Try the Scout shop they usually have some in stock.

- Scouting Magazine

- The Internet - literally hundreds of song sites are out there (have
   a look at the links page on this site)

- The Camp Fire Leaders Club (see home page for contact details)

- Always keep a look out for new songs so you can introduce a
  few into each fire while still singing old favourites.