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Pizza Hut / Aram Sam Sam

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Pizza Hut

A pizza hut, A pizza hut (make shape of a house with index fingers twice)
Kentucky fried chicken (flap arms like a chicken) and a pizza hut
Macdonalds Macdonalds (point out arches in opposite directions)
Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut
Macdonalds Macdonalds Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut

If you can`t follow my directions for the actions then go and find someone to sing it to you. Please feel free to make up your own actions for the following verses, or again ask someone who knows to show you the usual ones. I`ve abbreviated the verses down just to show what is included in each one.

  1. A ford escort, a tiny little mini, ferrari
  2. A burger king, a little chef, a wimpy
  3. A dinosaur, tyrannosaurus rex, pterodactyl
  4. A TV screen, a tiny little arial, teletubby
  5. A fat girl guide, a tiny little brownie, a ranger
  6. A snot nosed cub, a know it all scout, a venture
  7. A Hurricane, a tiny little wind, a twister