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Hello, and welcome to my campfire song site

Over the years I've had loads of fun at campfires so as I have a particularly bad memory, I decided to make a written record of the  songs that I like. I also thought it might be useful for anyone else looking for songs etc. that they can learn, sing and enjoy. 
The content of this website was originally based on a songbook I put together a few years ago for some leaders on a training course. If you'd like a copy you can download the original songbook (complete with spellig mistakes) in Adobe pdf. form using the link towards the bottom of this page.
Since then it has grown a bit and continues to develop gradually as I come across songs I like and enjoy and when I get 5 minutes to mess around with the site.
Camp fires are not quite as naff as they may sound. People young and old love to join in an quickly learn that it's OK to make a fool of yourself in front of other people. This contributes towards the great level of self confidence shown by the young people who take part in Scouting.

This isn't a book of instructions on how to run a camp fire, although there are some tips on one of the pages. It is just a collection of songs and stuff that I happen to like, and that I think go down well with an audience.

If you have any songs or anything that you think could be added, please let me know as the best way for us all to learn more songs is to swap with each other. You can leave them in the guestbook along with any comments or observations that you may have if you would like to. 

All the best
This site is dedicated to the ladies of the
West Glamorgan Beaver / Cub Leaders Mafia
(The Godmothers - you know who you are)
of whom I am, as always, terrified.
When a Godmother says "Julian, do me this favour, run a campfire at the funday", you can't say no unless you want to wake up with a horses head next to you.
I thank you.

Click here to download the original songbook


Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is the emblem of the Camp Fire Leaders Club. A great and glorious organisation dedicated to helping us with our campfires.
This is a link to their website.

Just one little word of advice before you move on......

A little bit of sheepishness now and again is a good thing...
Never forget you are Welsh!



Please  note that I am not claiming any credit for writing these songs as all I've done is collected together a bunch of camp fire items that I know and enjoy.
As far as I know they are all traditional old favourites but if you are aware of any copyright that I have infringed, please accept my apologies and let me know so I can obtain the necessary permissions etc.
My thanks go out to Big Vern for the sound files on the site. How he gets them I don't know as my IT ability is not that great but again if we've offended anyone please get in touch so I can sort it out.